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This was written for a challenge about Christmas on the UK Mag7 list. It's just a little ficlet set in my Button universe.

It was the first Christmas that Ezra would be spending with his new family. He'd never really had a proper celebration before when he'd lived with Maude. He was determined to have fun with his new father and friends this year though.

"Hey, Button. Happy Christmas," Vin said as he entered Ezra's room after knocking the door.

Ezra jumped out of bed and flung himself at Vin with a squeal. He hugged the man tightly and when Vin bent down he kissed him noisily on the cheek. "Loves you, Pop, loves you lots."

"Well, I've never had such a great greeting before," Vin said as he kissed the little boy tenderly. "You know I love you too, bud. Can't tell you how much 'cause there're just ain't the words."

Chris ambled in behind the intertwined father and son. Ezra saw him, gave Vin another peck on the cheek, and then hurried to Chris. He reached up both arms, pulled the blond down and kissed him too.  "Love you, Mr. Bee!"

Chris knelt down and held the youngster against his chest. He rocked him from side to side and smiled broadly. "Hey, that's the best Christmas present ever."

"Anybody been waiting for Santa?" a voice boomed from the kitchen. "I've got a special delivery for a little boy called Button."

"!" Ezra said as he ran from the bedroom in great excitement. "I'm coming!"

He found Josiah dressed up in a red Santa suit with a large sack over his shoulder.

"Ho, ho, ho," Josiah said in his best Santa voice. He picked a small package out of the sack and handed it to Ezra and ruffled his hair when he saw the boy's glowing face.

"Can I open it later?" Ezra asked as he studied the sparkly paper in delight, wondering what was inside. "I want to save it."

"Of course, son. It's your present, you open it when you like."

"Thank you, Mr. Sandwich," Ezra said, who'd never been able to get Josiah's surname right.

The little boy tugged on Josiah's stuck-on white beard and pulled him down to child level. Ezra kissed the man and gave him a lovely hug. As he was embracing Josiah, the rest of the gang arrived and smiled at the scene that greeted them. Ezra laughed happily and went to each of his new friends and kissed them before hugging them tight. He whispered to each man, "I love you". He made sure he gave Vin and Chris another kiss too, because he loved them most of all.

"What's this all in aid of, Button?" Vin asked.

"It's Kissmust, so I must kiss everyone I love!"

Everyone laughed at Ezra's play on words.

"Merry Kissmust," they chorused.

The End