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Hombre's Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction

Story Index

This page contains links to some of my stories. The exceptions being three adult fics, which are only available through Blackraptor or All-Ezra. They are called Out of the blue, Violation, and Behind closed doors.

If you find any broken links, please let me know

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An Aspirin a day keeps the doctor away (Ez - ATF)

What is wrong with Ezra?

Band-Aid (Vin, Chris fic - ATF/humor)

Vin has trouble with a band-aid and Chris comes to his rescue

Bicycles (Seven - OW/Humor)

The bicycle has come to Four Corners and causes mayhem for our men

Coercion (Chris, Vin, Ezra - ATF)

Vin is held hostage at Chris's ranch while Chris is accompanied to work by a gang member and told to kill Travis. Can Ezra figure out what is going on and help his friends?

Dangerous mistake (Vin, Ezra, Chris - ATF)

Vin has a riding accident but the severity of his injury is not noticed until it is almost too late.

Debt Repaid (Chris, OFC - OW)

The Seven help a young woman whose family has been murdered. She, in turn, saves Chris's life. There are two more stories in this series - Shot at again, Mr Larabee? (Chris,Vin) and Where I go, trouble surely follows (Ezra).

Differential Diagnosis (Ezra - ATF)

What's up with Ezra? What's he suffering from this time and will he survive?

Elevator (Ezra, Vin - ATF)

Ezra and Vin get trapped in an elevator. Can Chris release them out before Ezra's claustrophobia gets out or hand?

Fate works in mysterious ways

Ezra goes to crime scene but encounters an unexpected guest

Fumblethumbs (Chris/Vin/Buck/Ezra - ATF/humor)

Chris and Vin have both hurt their thumbs after indulging in a rather unique game. Can Buck and Ezra do any better?

Guilt (Ezra/OMC - OW)

Ezra accidentally shoots his son, Joseph, and cannot forgive himself. Can his friends help him recover? The prequels to this story are Father and son, and Patience rewarded.

Head 'em up, move 'em out (Ezra -OW Universe)

The boys agree to help out on a trail drive after the boss has received threats from Guy Royal. How will they cope? Ezra, for one, certainly experiences a rough time.

Hero worship can come in handy (Chris - OW Universe)

Chris comes to the rescue when a little girl falls in the river. From then on it is definitely a case of hero worship, but as Chris finds out it isn't all bad.

Hide and go seek (Ezra - ATF)

Ezra is taken hostage while undercover. Can the boys find him before the threat against his life is carried out? Is he safe when they do find him?

I ain't no horsethief (Vin - OW)

Vin goes missing, but when Chris tracks him down he finds him hurt. How did he get in that state?

Kaboom! (Ez/Vin/JD - ATF)

The boys get involved in a bomb blast while in the middle of a drugs bust.

Knives and fiddler's elbows (Vin/Ezra - OW Universe)

Vin is attacked while riding to meet up with his freinds. Ezra and the others go after the miscreants but the gambler encounters trouble with his prisoner.

Lean on us (Ezra - ATF)

Ezra's feeling rather poorly. This is the time that friends come into their own.

Mad ladies' men and undercover agents go out in the midday sun - (Ezra/Buck - ATF)

Ezra and Buck are sent to mend a fence on the far reaches of Chris's ranch on a boiling hot day. Despite taking appropriate precautions, the undercover agent is struck down by a life-threatening condition as a result. Can he be saved?

Meet Button (Little Ezra AU)

Vin finds Ezra abandoned near Chris's ranch. Can he and their friends find out what has happened to the youngster? The sequel to this story is, Safari so goody.

Moonshine (Ezra - OW)

Ezra is deeply affected when he kills a young bank robber. He takes to drinking heavily and his friends don't seem to recognize his problem. It is not until Ezra nearly dies that they realize something is seriously wrong.

New Experiences

Vin shows Ezra the delights that can be had on a shopping trip.

Off the rails - (Ezra - ATF)

Buck hears some worrying news on the radio about a train wreck. Was Ezra involved, and if so, is he still alive? The sequel to this story is, Why me?

Outside looking in (Ezra - ATF)

Ezra is blamed when the money from a bust is stolen. It seems that even his fellow agents think he is guilty. Can his innocence be proved, and will the group learn to work together again?

Revenge is sweet (Buck/Ezra/JD - OW Universe)

Ezra and Buck play a joke on JD, who is completely drawn in.

Righting wrongs (Chris - ATF)

An innocent man has been executed and his brother comes looking for revenge. How does Chris deal with the guilt of knowing that he had a part in convicting the wrong man for a crime years ago? Can his friend's keep him safe?

The Ring - (Ezra/Josiah - ATF)

Ezra is still haunted by what Josiah did to him. The profiler is having a hard time recovering too because of the affliction that Ezra has developed as a result of his actions. Will they get over their fears and become friends again? The prequel to this story is, No excuse.

Rock, paper, scissors (Ezra/Buck/Vin - ATF/humor)

Ezra, Buck and Vin are punished by Chris for breaking a light on his Ram. Each man comes to grief with the task assigned to them.

Safari - so goody (Little Ezra AU)

Button goes on a trip to the zoo with Vin and Chris. Why don't you join them?

Sea Legs (Ezra - ATF)

Ezra wins some tickets for a cruise and invites all his friends. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to enjoy the trip at all.

So you think you're a St. Bernard? (Ezra/Vin - ATF)

The boys enjoy a day out together. Guess who comes to Vin's rescue when they get home.

Sorrow (Ezra/Chris - ATF/Death of minor character)

Chris is furious with Ezra's continual lateness at work. When he confronts the undercover agent though, he finds out the reason for Ezra's tardiness. This involves the death of a minor character.

Stressful day (Chris/Ezra - ATF)

Chris has a day he'd rather forget, injuring Ezra as a result of an outburst of temper.

Toothless wonder (Ezra/Buck/Vin/Chris - OW/Humor)

Ezra develops toothache when Nathan is out of town. Buck and Vin try their best to help him, but Ezra finally resorts to drinking away the pain. Chris has no sympathy for the gambler though, when he becomes rather inebriated.

Trappers' tricks (Vin/Ezra - OW Universe)

Vin is injured after tracking some criminals. Ezra tries to avenge his friend, rather unsuccessfully.

Truth and friendship (Ezra - OW Universe)

Ezra is found badly injured in his room. Can Chris and the others gets to the bottom of why he has been attacked? Was it the result of a dispute over poker or something more serious? Will Ezra recover?

Until (Ezra - ATF/poem)

Ezra reflects on his past life.

Where I go, trouble surely follows (OW - Ezra/OFC)

Ezra runs into trouble during a visit to see Jess. Can his friends catch the perpetrators? The prequels to this story are, Debt repaid, and Shot at again, Mr Larabee?

White Knights (Seven/OFC - ATF)

The boys get involved with a woman who escapes from her captors. Can they protect her? Why was she being held? THIS STORY IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REPOSTED - 3/9/07

Whodunit? (Vin/ATF)

Vin is injured. Can the boys discovered what happened to him?

Why me? - (Ezra - ATF)

Ezra is suffering from survivor's guilt after his accident and Josiah is finding him hard to cope with. The undercover agent is hiding some terrible secrets. Will they come to light? The prequel to this story is, Off the rails.

Will you mop my fevered brow? - (Buck.Vin - OW Universe)

Buck is sick when traveling back from Eagle Bend with Vin. The tracker has to tend his friend using herbal remedies.

Window Shopping (Ezra - ATF)

What could possibly go wrong on a shopping trip? Well, Ezra soon finds out and it ain't pleasant!

Wrong place, wrong time (Ezra/Vin - ATF)

Ezra is being targeted for some reason. Can his friends find out why and by whom?

Spell checker poem

This is a poem that I expect you all know. It is NOT my work, but I thought you'd find it amusing.

Cowboy Code

Do you know the Cowboy Code according to Gene Autry? Check it out!